Checking out any Equipment from Disability Support:

Go to the Disability Testing Center in the Student Center Building, Room 358.  Show them a copy of your Accommodations Agreement that shows which piece of equipment that you will need.  They will check this out to you.  You are expected to return this piece of equipment back to the testing center staff in the time frame that you establish at the time of checkout.


Asking for a Peer Note Taker:

1. Check out a binder of Duplicate Paper which will allow another student to take notes and you both to have a copy at the end of class.  This can be checked out in the Disability Testing Center, Student Center Building, Room 358.

2. Show your Accommodations Agreement and ask your instructor to find you a peer note taker.  Let them know that you would like to not be identified as needing a note taker.  A sample announcement for the instructor could be: "We need an official set of notes for our class to make sure that all students can access the materials that we discuss.  Is anyone willing to be our volunteer note taker?" 

3. Give the binder to your professor to give to the Note Taker.  If you feel okay about the student note taker knowing who you are, you can connect after class to meet each other.  Otherwise, the student taking your notes can give them to a professor and you can pick them out on your way out of class each day.


Asking your teacher to use a FM Hearing Device or Amplification System:

If you will need your professor to wear an FM Hearing Device or Amplification System, please show them how it will work before class the first day of class if at all possible.  The two of you can do a trial if you have a chance.  If there are any issues with reception, please come back to DSS to discuss it or get it replaced or fixed. 


Requesting Textbooks in Alternate Formats:

If you need your textbook in alternate formats, please fill out the Alternate Textbook Format  ( www.grcc.edu/dsstextbook )

Electronic PDF or Audio Copy: at least 2 weeks before the semester begins

Enlarged Copy Format: at least one month before the semester begins

Braille Format: at least two months before the semester begins


Requesting Accessible Tables, Chairs, Desks or other furniture:

Fill out the Accessible Furniture Request Form ( www.grcc.edu/accessiblefurniturerequestform ) to request any furniture that you need in a particular course due to your disability.  If you aren't sure what you should be requesting, talk to me! 


Attendance Flexibility Accommodation:

Approval for this accommodation means that you are eligible for consideration for additional flexibility however please note that each attendance flexibility request must be considered on a case by case basis.  This accommodation requires an interactive discussion between you and each instructor in order to reach an understanding about how attendance impacts your ability to meet the essential objectives /requirements of the course, and what flexibility can be provided.  In addition to meeting with each instructor to discuss the terms of this accommodation, DSS recommends that you and the instructor use the attached Managing the Attendance Flexibility form to outline the protocol for using this accommodation in their class.